Building our home with Way Out West Development was fun! We havenít met anyone who has had the terrific experience we had with building a home. Way Out West pays attention to detail. Everything in our home is well thought out, both inside and out. The outcome was an exquisite home of convenience. They even worked with the natural landscape to disturb as little of the desert as possible and to keep the magnificent Sonoran Saguaros standing right by our home. The cleanliness on the job site was like no other and they took great efforts to work with neighbors to make it easy for everyone. Excellence and integrity are the best way to describe Way Out West Development.

We would recommend Way Out West to anyone wanting to build a quality home.
Steve and Denise Hatch 

As a concrete subcontractor for 20 years it has been a pleasure working with Way Out West Development on many custom homes over the years. The quality of their homes is second to no one and they operate in a very professional yet friendly way. A definite pleasure to work for!
Doug Cozen
Concrete Division Manager

Don and I enjoyed working with Way Out West Construction.  The company was very professional and knowledgeable.  They kept to the projected schedule and were very attentive to the job as a general contractor.  They also were very helpful on design ideas and finding solutions to our project.  Patrick and Dawn make an outstanding team whether it is a small remodel project or a multimillion dollar home.  They care for their clients and the outcome of their project.  Don and I would recommend them to others in a heartbeat.

Don and Susan Turner

I have watched Way Out West build some of the most magnificent Western Style homes in the last seven years and have seen some incredible remodels but have never used her services until now. 
We are in the middle of the first two stages of our home remodel by Dawn. Stage One: Fireplace Makeover is completed, WOW!!!  We rocked the fireplace, added benches and rocked the bases of the Vega poles. I Love it, Love it, Love it!!! Stage 2: Total Master Bath Makeover and it is incredible!!!

Janna Morris
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